Spring time is when we tend to lighten our diet. We say goodbye to the comforting foods of winter and welcome again spring onions, asparagus, dandelion greens, radishes and hardy survivor shoots of greens. But spring, as we all know, brings its share of bluster. An untrustworthy, capricious season cut with unstable, schizoid days. A mad time.

Recent hail brought devastation on a biblical scale to the garden. Spring onions were  mercilessly lashed and shredded into submission. Asparagus ferns, who only a day before, were dancing joyfully in the breeze, were cruelly whipped into unrecognizable rags. Parsley didn’t stand a chance; reduced to a choppy clump of humiliated, quasi headless stalks. Chives were decapitated and their purple heads rolled with the hail.
So, it was with uncanny foresight that I happened to harvest enough spring onions and chard the day before the deluge, to make a quick and simple soup with the last of my frozen chicken stock.
Chop spring onions and some garlic and sauté softly in olive oil for a couple of minutes. Add chicken stock. Add other greens. I used chard and peas. Season with salt and black pepper. Add a douse of olive oil to the bowl and fill it up with broth. A little shaved Pecorino Romano can be nice on top.

6 thoughts on “Brodo

  1. Sorry for your garden (and your roof)! Hopefully things will dry and warm up so you can get your garden going again.

  2. Yes indeed the hail showed no mercy, we didn’t get it as bad by Wash Park but the west end was so sad. This soup looks lovely will have to try soon, Thanks, Cheers, Dawn

  3. Spring is here too and this looks lovely and fresh and colorful. Alas our scallions aren’t ready yet, but we do have chard.

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