Roast Chicken

What is it about roast chicken? For me it’s something that’s so close to the bone or what ever you want to call the essence of your being— so close, in fact that I’ve been hesitant to write about it, and even now I’m not sure I’m up to the task. I love a good roast and I keep up a steady practice. I’ll produce up to fifty birds, a couple more in a good year; yet, in my darker moments I fear I don’t have the tools, the language, if you will, to articulate the importance of eating one: I am not versed in the art of con-lit—and even if I were, I’m not sure I could adequately share why I feel compelled to eat a chicken a week.

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Crispy bacon turmeric slaw with fennel, hopefully.


Like most of you I enjoy carving time out, so to speak, to cook a nice meal. But when pressed, I love making morsels in minutes: simple and speedy with few ingredients, usually for lunch… like a couple of egg whites— if they happen to be hanging around in the back of the fridge.
Had I made aioli last night I’d have a couple and I’d get them and I’d put them to work pronto: whip them into shape and call them a Vietnamese omelette. Lunch sorted. Continue reading “Crispy bacon turmeric slaw with fennel, hopefully.”