Potatoes Anna

Looking for an ultra simple potato dish? Look no further than Potatoes Anna. She never fails.

I cooked it at medium/low heat for 12 minutes. Next time I’ll go 15…

I came across Pommes Anna rather late in life. Last year in fact. Our friend, fellow cook, culinarian and all-round bon vivant, Frank (last name withheld) introduced us to it. Frank got out of Denver and a law practice a few years back, left his wild years behind— built a comfortable shack in the mountains near Carbondale, Colorado to live the easy life of scouring his library of cookbooks, chopping wood, building tables, producing pickles and baking bread among other pursuits, including the annual task of making a couple hundred jars of salsa. Continue reading “Potatoes Anna”

Brussels Sprouts

                          No to Glucosinolite Sinigrin!


Couple of years back, Ionah and I were returning from a Christmas visit to Ireland. We landed in Dallas Forth worth to catch our connecting flight home to Denver. It was a blustery landing and just as we cleared customs and were trying to figure out how to get to our terminal, a medium-sized tornado touched down on the landing strip.

Alarms went off, uniformed guards shouted at us to stay calm and a group of us, a hundred or so were herded by security over to the toilets, where we remained for an hour until the danger had passed. We later found out 160 planes were damaged. Hundreds of flights, including ours, were cancelled. Continue reading “Brussels Sprouts”

Beet Carpaccio


Sliced beets? Hell no! Let’s call them Carpaccio.


Our friend Jayne over at Sweet Jayne’s pies was so busy making her pie customers happy over thanksgiving that she didn’t have time to pick the last of her pink beets. She offered them to me, and not being burdened by the constraints of a regular job, naturally, I stepped up to the plate and took on the project of digging them up. Continue reading “Beet Carpaccio”

Root Rice


Rooting for rice.

If there’s rice about — a carrot, a parsnip, an onion, some garlic, the odd stick of celery, a few spices — you can make this now. I call it root rice for two reasons.

Number one, because most of the ingredients come from under the ground. The onset of winter is a fitting time of year — when light is at its lowest, sleep at its heaviest and thoughts at their darkest — to introduce energizing roots to our diet. Sure, they thrive alone, cold and burrowing in the dark, but, with a little prodding, a little cheering on, they can bring gifts of comfort and warmth to the table. They are not called roots for nothing. Eat them and rooted you will be. Continue reading “Root Rice”

Corn Tortillas


Make your own Corn Tortillas



Ever make homemade corn tortillas? It’s really simple. A pair of hands, a plastic bag, a cast iron skillet, a bowl and a knife is all the equipment you’ll need.


You’ll also need masa harina. That’s ground corn treated with lime, (calcium hydroxide). Regular corn meal won’t work. It doesn’t have the elasticity needed for dough formation. And you’ll need water and a pinch of salt. That’s it! Continue reading “Corn Tortillas”