Hot summer nights.

Look—to cook, or not to cook, is really the question. Whether ’tis nobler to grunt and sweat over a grill outdoors, or to gnaw like a rabbit on carrots, or expose them to the shock of steam and dress lightly, methinks, in this heat is the answer.

Most vegetables, unlike me, thrive in the heat. Unless you happen to be a sweet pea vine in Denver, in which case you never fail to wither and crack under the pressure. And if you’re a coriander, you deal with it by bolting like lightning at the first twitch of sun inflicted brutality.

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Zucchini Spaghetti

Zucchini with spaghetti.


with a few snap peas…


Anyone with a little time, a little space and the slightest of mothering instincts can grow a zucchini. All you need are a few seeds, a 3×3′ section of earth, sunshine and water. A pair of green thumbs is not a prerequisite.


Plant seeds in a mound in the spring when things have heated up. Keep them watered, and lo and behold, the miracle of life will unfold within 7 days or less, right before your eyes and — here’s the best part — you can have your miracle and eat it too. All of it, as much as you want. And it keeps on coming. Continue reading “Zucchini Spaghetti”

Kim Chee for Kim Jong



It was once observed by a sardonic young Liverpudlian, in his own write, that Glam rock is just rock and roll with make up on. That can be said for Korean Kim Chee too. It’s just sauerkraut with make-up on. You simply apply spice to dress up a plain and dowdy cabbage. And, by doing this, given a little time, it transforms into a firecracker of lip-smacking flavor. Something to be enjoyed but not to be taken lightly.


It’s surprisingly fast to knock up a batch. All you need is a head of Nappa (Chinese) cabbage, a piece of daikon radish, a few scallions, sea salt, ginger, garlic, korean chile and fish sauce. For a vegetarian style, you can substitute soy sauce, miso and sea weed. Continue reading “Kim Chee for Kim Jong”

Stray Away Bars

 Savory Sustenance for the Savvy Stroller



Driving home from a walk in prospect park earlier today — where clear creek is still swollen, the grasses are green and swaying, and the coyote scat is rich with rabbit hair, I heard on the news that it was a high ozone day and everybody should stay indoors.


I’m guessing it’s because of the recent soaring temperatures — high 90˚s, (35˚ Celsius) — air-conditioning use has hit the roof and gasoline emissions get stuck in town and refuse to rise to become other people’s business. Continue reading “Stray Away Bars”

Simmering Nettles

                                     I’ll settle for nettle.


We’re into summer and ready to polish off the last of the nettles. I had the foresight, on harvest day, to freeze a bag, just to see how they’d be and I’m happy to report that they freeze well.

This began as a huge pile overflowing the bowl, before steaming & freezing.


Many things can be done with and have been done to the nettle. Culturally, they spin back and forth like a ping pong ball. Our grand and great grand parents cherished the young shoots as they arrived each spring, and made soups, broths and fried boxty, to ensure a year of health and virility. Continue reading “Simmering Nettles”