Chickpea cakes

                                        Wanna Pudla with me?



I’ve made chickpea or Pudla cakes for a couple of years now. I first came across them on a wonderful food blog, which is the creation of Kittee Berns; a fun, friendly and crazy cool vegan food loving lady from no other than the vegan heartland itself— Portland, Oregon. She’s been doing this blog thing for a while now. She takes way better photos than I do— perhaps if I eat enough of her Pudla cakes, I’ll absorb a smattering of that well seasoned talent. Continue reading “Chickpea cakes”

Nettle Soup

Nettle soup



People seem put off by eating nettles. First of all, they’re a weed, whatever that means, and you can’t buy them from an approved source — like a Safeway grocery. A name that, when you think about it, preys upon and inflates our fears about foods that you don’t buy from them. Their foods are safe — the name implies — and clean. So why risk another way? Why risk a walk on the wild side?

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