Braised Lamb Shanks


If you take the bible, especially its older testament, as literal truth — if you believe that there are credible historical figures contained within its pages — then you already know that woman and man, but mainly man, as they were the priests, have been eating meat, especially lamb, at least since Abrahamic times. That’s going back to the second millennium BCE, maybe more. Continue reading “Braised Lamb Shanks”

A Trumpet Chard Pie

I’ve been thinking lately about what to cook in my newly acquired outdoor Moroccan oven. If you haven’t seen one, It’s a small earthenware container that houses a little charcoal fire. You put a tagine (also earthenware) on top and voila — you get an outdoor slow cooking oven that is compact, transportable, low tech, and downright fun to use.

chard pie under the hood: slow cooking on a bed of coals…

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Our Memorial Day

A celebration of Spring



I’ve never been big on holidays. I dislike them immensely. It’s a phobia I acquired — like a bad taste in my mouth — from working impossibly long hours, especially on holidays, in the restaurant trade for such a large slice of my life. Customers — would come in on holidays, often with family members, out of obligation, or from out of town — were always double, like extra supersize needy. Suppliers were frequently under-staffed and under-stocked, making deliveries extra stressful. Staff was grumpy, hung over, or, in jail. One night 3 of my cooks were busted for smoking a joint in the alley behind the restaurant by 2 cops on mountain bikes. Fortunately, it was late and we had just closed. After they were taken to be processed and then released 3 hours later, I insisted they come back and clean up the kitchen. It was the night before Memorial day. I still shudder when it comes around. Of course in these Colorado high times, that scenario would no longer apply. Nowadays, maybe you could share your stash with the cops? Continue reading “Our Memorial Day”